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Dental Box #1

Dental Box #1


Our Soft Chewers Dental Toy Bundle is good for dogs who chew softer items. Ideal for all size dogs who like smaller light weight toys Includes: Rubber Dental Spinner, Rubber Dental Bone, 4-pc Dental Kit

  • Rubber Dental Spinner: Our Nylon Dental Spinner is 3.5” x 5.5”  with three fan-like blades. Different textures on each side grooves and nubs.  The textured grooves and ribs feel amazing in your dog's mouth as they massage your dogs gums. Each toy has the right amount of give for normal or soft chewers.  Interactive opening for treats or rope for potential tugging.
  • Rubber Dental Bone (Light/Medium Chewers): Our dental bone is 3” x 6” and is great for dogs who love texture. This durable rubber bone has multiple grooves and numbs. Gives dogs the right amount of flex for dogs to get at their chew. Chewing helps strengthen dogs jaw strength. Massaging gums is important to a dog's dental health.
  • 4-pc Dental Kit:  Our 4-pc dental kit makes it easy to keep your dogs pearly whites clean. It includes all natural vanilla toothpaste, 1 angled toothbrush that makes it easy to reach the hard to reach areas. It is also perfect for the dogs out there who tend to nip or growl when brushing their teeth. We also included 2 finger brushes that are perfect for dogs who would feel more comfortable with you brushing their teeth rather than a long toothbrush
  • Chew Meter: 3
  • V-Score: 3 Chewing, Interactive, Fetch
  • Eco-Scale: 3
  • Vegan: yes
  • Pieces: 6
  • Best for small to medium sized dogs

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