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Fetch Box #1

Fetch Box #1


This Fetch pack Includes:  1 Green Tractor Tire, 1Large Tennix Ball Red, 1 Large Tennix Ball Blue, 1 Blue Star Toy, 1 Large Geo Ball

  • Green Tractor Frisbee Tire Chew Toy: 8” size, made of bouncy, flexible, rubber Nylon that is perfect for all size dogs and acts as a flying disc for fun games of fetch. Use for chewing and fetching. The rigged rubber texture along the side gently massages your dog’s mouth and gums and helps relieve stress and anxiety. The yellow center consists of a paw print design.
  • 2 Large Tennix Ball: Two 3.5” size balls consist of a bouncy non-toxic, chemical-free rubber coating that is great for comfort chewing or playing games of fetch. Ergonomically ideal for thrower and fetcher. Easy to clean. Springy bouncy material adds a level of durability and fun not found in other tennis balls. Surprise bonuses engage your dog physically and mentally. Dog’s will love how it feels in their mouth, and will help reduce their stress and anxiety levels.
  • Rubber Star Toy: This 2.6” Blue Star Toy  is made with 100% all natural rubber and environmentally sustainable material. It can be used as a simple chewing toy or for interactive games of fetch. The geometric star design creates a unique feel for any dog using it for a gum massage.
  • Large Geo Ball: This blue and black 4” ball is made with durable, bouncy rubber that squeaks with every catch. The modern geometric design has textured ridges and grooves to give your dog the bestfetch experience.
  • Chew Meter: 4
  • Eco-Scale: 4
  • V-Score: 3 Chewing, Fetching, Interactive
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Sizing: Tractor Tire: 8” ; Large TenniX Ball: 3.5” Red  ; Large TenniX Ball: 3.5” Blue; Large Geo Ball: 4” ; Blue Star Toy: 2.6”
  • Pieces: 5
  • Great for Large to Medium sized dogs!

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