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Giant Dog Bone - Grass-Fed Beef Femur Bone for Lar

Giant Dog Bone - Grass-Fed Beef Femur Bone for Lar


EcoKind pet treats are preservative free

No Preservatives

EcoKind Himalayan Yak Chews are 100% lactose free

No Lactose

EcoKind Giant Dog Bones are the perfect chew for your furry friend. All of our bones go through strict quality testing and are always 100% free of gluten, soy and wheat! What's more, they're free of any harmful additives or artificial flavors that could be bad for your pup. If you want to give your furry friend something they'll love, this is the perfect treat. Our dog treats are sourced from 100% grass-fed cattle and packed with protein and vitamins.

  • Made from only grass-fed cattle
  • Best bone for large dogs
  • No chemicals, no additives, and no preserves
  • Long-lasting, even for the most aggressive chewers
  • Easily digestible for sensitive stomachs

Big Bones for Big Dogs

Meticulously slow-roasted to lock in all the meaty goodness your pup craves, EcoKind's GIANT dog bones will make your doggy jump up and down from joy. These bones are HUGE and are best suited for large dogs and aggressive chewers.

Real Bones for Dogs

EcoKind's Giant Dog Bones are always made from 100% free-range, grass-fed beef. All-natural dog bones are easily digestible and best for dogs with sensitive stomachs - much safer than those plastic and nylon chew toys.

No Chemicals or Additives, Ever.

Unlike so many competitors in the pet care industry, EcoKind's Giant dog bones for aggressive chewers are 100% natural and completely preservative-free. Spoil your pup with this delicious, meaty, and flavorful GIANT femur bone for dogs!

Healthy for Teeth & Gums

Our protein-rich dog bones for aggressive chewers will help prevent tartar and plaque build-up while strengthening your doggy’s jaws and keeping teeth clean! Plus, each large bone contains essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins for a balanced diet.

Every Dog Loves a Bone

Our femur bones feature 2 large knuckles and pieces of tendon and meat, which will offer your large doggo endless hours of chewing fun!  Your dog deserves the very best bone to chew -- that's why EcoKind bones are made of only one ingredient: beef!

100% Risk-Free

Being dog owners ourselves, we know that finding healthy femur bones for dogs is difficult. That’s why our dog bone comes with a satisfaction guarantee! If you're not completely satisfied with your Giant Dog Bone, contact us for a full refund.

Delivery times 

Standard Shipping is 1 - 4 weeks

Express Shipping is 1 - 3 days

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