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Undercover Poo Tablets - Tropical Scent

Undercover Poo Tablets - Tropical Scent


Eliminate all traces of bathroom smells - instead of just covering 'em up - using the powerful one-two punch formula of Undercover Poo tablets.  Odors are first destroyed with the all-natural power of baking soda and then subtly replaced with a light, pleasing tropical scent.

Small, discreet tubes are convenient enough to throw in your bag or pocket for any time use (no spritz means no leakage!) and they'd also make a welcome addition to any shared bathroom.

 Product Details:

  • Septic-safe and non-toxic: Enjoy an effective solution that's also safe to use for yourself and the environment.
  • No spritz means no leaks: Easy-to-use tablets mean you never have to worry about liquid leaking in your bag or pocket.
  • Fast-acting for "anytime" use: No need to wait for the "perfect moment" - simply plop one tablet in the toilet before OR during.  Use them anytime with confidence knowing your business is truly "undercover".
  • Portable and convenient: Small tubes (3 in x 0.75 in) mean they can easily fit in a pocket or bag unnoticed, so you have them handy whenever nature calls.
  • 1 Pack of 9 tablets = 9 uses

Recommended Use**


**Pssst: The above will give you the best results, but Undercover Poo tablets work so quickly and efficiently to absorb and cover odor that you can use them at any point while you do your business.  Perfect for emergencies or when you just dont have time to wait.

Delivery times 

Standard Shipping is 1 - 4 weeks

Express Shipping is 1 - 3 days

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