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1) Can I make changes to my order after I place it?

If you make a mistake on an order an need something changed please email me immediately and I will attempt to make the correction for you before it is shipped. If the order has already been processed and shipped I cannot make any changes.

2) Is shipping always free?

No shipping is not always free but I will attempt to run promotions as often as I can.

Price of standard shipping in the United States is $8 & for express shipping it is $15. Not all products qualify for express shipping. Please see our shipping policy for more information & possible shipping issues.

3) How long does shipping take?

Once an order is placed & you recieve an email that your order has been placed, your stuff will arrive anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on the supplier. See our shipping policy for more information & possible shipping issues.

4) What is your return policy?

You may return your items within 14 days from receiving your products to your door. We know carriers are over worked, working short, & are exhausted so we do not start the return clock until your order is placed in your hands or on the porch.

See our return policy for complete details & return limitations.

We love you delivery carriers! Thank you for bringing awesomeness to our homes!

5) If someone steals my package after delivery will you reimburse me?

Porch Pirating is a real concern but I am sorry we cannot reimburse you if your delivery is stolen. We recommend a locked porch delivery box.

That will foil any pirate's plans to steal from you!

6) Are all your products handmade in small batches?

Not all products are handmade but the majority in this store are. Sometimes I may come across an awesome find from another small business & well... I like a deal like everyone else so I will pass the deals along to you! We attempt to be very transparent about our products.

7) What if I have a complaint & need to contact you?

Your happiness is really why I have created this business. I know that I will miss the mark & I know I cannot please everyone. I do ask that you be mindful of negative reviews that you may leave here or elsewhere. Negative reviews, even corrected ones, hurt our business so I ask you to please email me first if you have a complaint, an issue, or a concern at Balancing.Life@LiveLifeBalanced.Today 

Please use the link above or copy & paste so you get the dots that are hard to see. This is really the fastest way to get a response as it pops up on my phone. Isn't technology awesome (most of the time)?


8) What if I emailed you & did not get a response?

If you email me & do not get a response after 24 hours or if you prefer to call & hear my voice, you may call our parent company Life In Motion Counseling Services at 502.444.Life ext 400. 

9) What are the hours you answer the phone?

Life In Motion is open from 10am - 5pm Monday -Thursday & on Fridays 10am - 2pm. The business phone does not get answered after hours or on the weekends because we are busy balancing (doing our own self-care) so please leave a message & I will return your call within 24 hours of the next business day...

10) What if I want to send you a compliment & not a complaint?

Okay, so no one really asked this question. This is my way of saying we do not always need to focus on the problems but sometimes even therapists need a self esteem boost or a pat on the back for a job well done. In that case you may contact us again at Balancing..Life@LiveLifeBalanced.Today. I prefer to read compliments...over...& over...again! 

I also ask that if you are happy please leave us a good review. If you are unhappy call me & we will work to make it right!

11) What if I want counseling with Life In Motion Counseling Services?

If you live in the state of Kentucky or Indiana call us at 502.444.Life & we can get you registered & scheduled. You can also go to for more information & check out all the amazing therapists that we have on staff!

Don't forget to follow our healthy lifestyle blog written by marriage and family counselors to help you Live. Life. Balanced!

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