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How To Live A Blissful Life

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Everyone wants it but few people know how to achieve it. Once you do achieve it you'll never settle for less. How close are you to living your life in true bliss and joy?

Living a joyful life sounds like an Utopian fairy tale that is not grounded in reality, but it really is something you can and must achieve. How do I know? I’m living my joyful life right now and I have worked very hard to get here. Now that I have life exactly where I want it, I am not about to settle for less. You don’t have to settle for less either.

In this post I am going to introduce myself and how I came to live a life of empowering others to live their best life. In future posts I am going to teach you how to achieve the life you have always wanted.

I am currently a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate in the state of Kentucky. I found my calling while working on my own past issues of abuse in my childhood as well as domestic violence. It has taken me years to get where I am and now I look back and I am so grateful for the experiences I went through; with great pain there is also great joy.

No matter what your current circumstances are, what your past hardships have been, the past mistakes you have made, or the hurt you have been through; you CAN live a life that brings you great satisfaction, love and joy.

I have not always been a joyful person. In fact I was a very angry person and I had to make major changes in my life. So I truly understand how to turn it around and I can help you do the same.

In the next post I will go over my past struggles and in future posts I will give you concrete ways to help you to find the life you have been searching for.

Warning! It does require a lot of work but it is so worth it in the end, and so are you!

Have a blessed and balanced day!

~ Melissa

Melissa Smith is an LMFT in the state of Kentucky. To find out more about her click here.

Live. Life. Balanced.Today is a blog written by licensed marriage and family therapist.

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