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Natural Sandalwood Beard Comb

Natural Sandalwood Beard Comb


Handmade from natural sandalwood, these combs are known to be softer on your hair, beard and scalp compared to metal combs and plastic combs.

Sandalwood beard combs work so well, that when used on your beard, they will help to distribute the evenly for maximum benefits.

In fact, Sandalwood combs have the property of reducing or eliminating hair static where it exists.

Using this comb daily will help you maintain a healthy beard.

  • Made of Natural Sandalwood
  • Includes a organic burlap bag for storage
  • Emits a invigorating, sandalwood fragrance
  • The perfect beard comb that fits in your pocket
  • Medium teeth and fine teeth for all beard types
  • Total Length: 3.75" | Teeth length: 0.75"

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