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Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Let Me Introduce You To Balancing


Self-care has such a committed connotation. I am sure when you read the word self-care for the first time in this blog you rolled your eyes and dismissed the thought. If you are reading this right now then great job for doing a small bit of what I am coining as BALANCING.

Balancing is doing those small things throughout the day that work on undoing the stress and anxiety we place ourselves under. Those small things that do not involve hours or an entire day of your time but small moments and minutes that can add up to a better, calmer, more refreshed and BALANCED you!

Your Challenge Should You Choose To Accept


Your challenge, that I hope you will accept, is to find 3 ways that you can start taking care of youself throughout the day. Things that are meant to bring you back into balance. I have started a list for you. Pick a few ways from this list but I also encourage you to make a list that is more personal to you and your personality.

1) Take a bubble bath

2) Burn your favorite scented candle

3) Use body lotion

4) Drink a glass of water

5) Get up from your desk and stretch

6) Listen to your favorite music while you work

7) Listen to spa music

8) Do some deep breathing exercises (we will have more on this in future posts)

9) Listen to a comedy channel while you do your chores

10) Put on a face mask

11) Condition your hair

12) Use products to boost your health such as elderberry

13) Find a coloring app you can do during breaks

14) Play with your pet

15) Call your favorite person and catch up

16) Go hug someone

17) Take a walk

18) Shave

19) Go out in the sun for a few minutes

20) Wrap a cozy blanket around you

Now that I helped you redefine what self-care aka balancing is, how many more moments can you carve out for yourself to balance yourself throughout the day? I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and ways you already balance and did not even know it!

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Have a blessed and balanced day!


Melissa Smith is an LMFT in the state of Kentucky. To find out more about her click here.

Live. Life. Balanced.Today is a blog written by a licensed marriage and family therapist.

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